About Us

Who we are


Namma Physio is a specialized rehab center with a wide range of Physical therapy services including Manual therapy, Electrotherapy and Pain management. We focus on an individually tailored exercise plan depending on the needs of the person considering all the physical, lifestyle and emotional factors which may be contributing to the problem.

Namma Physio is committed to maintaining and developing professional skills and updating our practices based on scientific evidence. We excel in giving a complete Rehab plan to our patients irrespective of age groups. Pediatric to Geriatric, Antenatal to Post natal, on and off field sports Rehab. Specialized in various advanced treatment techniques such as Mulligan’s, Dry Needling, taping techniques, fall prevention and various other advanced therapies.


We Have Hight Standards And Take Pride In All We Do

At Namma Physio we provide you with the top notch facilities and take utmost care of the patients needs and requirements. We are committed to always perform at our best.

Our Vision

To work with you through your healing from start to the end providing a robust program involving combination of multiple therapies and provide guidance to prevent injury from repeating.

Our Mission

To serve a wide range of treatment and make sure that our clinics are equipped with the latest equipment and also provide clean, energetic and uplifting atmospheres for better healing.