An effective medically proven method to increase Oxygen Saturation

Do you have trouble breathing?
You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer from one or the other respiratory conditions that can make it difficult to breathe.
And with pandemic around, this stresses us a lot. So instead of worrying, let’s jump to the solution.
Proning, a new method in which patients are made to lie on their abdomen to boost their oxygen levels, has shown promising results.. Studies show that this position increases oxygen levels by up to 40%!
As the second wave of Covid-19 sweeps through the country with deadly consequences, doctors across the state have started advocating proning exercises to improve oxygen levels in Covid positive patients — both in home isolation as well as in hospital.

What is proning?
Proning a medically approved position — which is also being promoted by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare — in which patients are made to lie on their abdomen to boost their oxygen levels.
The Alveoli and capillaries are responsible for the movement of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide in the lungs. Oxygen enters the alveoli and gets diffused into the capillaries. The Carbon-di-oxide released from capillaries into the alveoli has to be breathed out. The Covid Virus is known to attack the cells in the Alveoli. This leads to the inflammation of the cells which causes increases in the vascular permeability, meaning there is leakage in the capillaries. The space in between the alveoli and capillaries gets filled with fluid. This reduces the surface are for gas exchange, eventually reducing the oxygen saturation in blood.

Proline Position
Medically accepted position where the patient is asked to lie on his chest, face down position. This position improves the ventilation and circulation in the lungs. The alveolar cells open up and hence improves the physiological functioning of the lungs.

Half Lying Position

Head should be at an angle of 45 – 60 degrees. Use 2 pillows to support your upper body and neck. You could use one below just below your knees.

Who should practice Proning?

Anybody who has difficulty in breathing or any whose oxygen saturation drops below 90%. A pulse oximeter is used to record an individual’s oxygen saturation levels.


1.Change the position every 30 minutes, if needed.

2.Avoid Prone position after meals for an hour.

3. Check for pressure sores

4. Can maintain prone position for 16 hours a day in multiple cycles.

5. If you are unable to tolerate this position, you can try alternate positions as explained above

6. Proning is not recommended for people with spinal instability, thoracic / abdominal injuries, DVT, HTN, Cardio pulmonary diseases.Do consult your doctor before trying self medication.

7. Never practice proning if you are Pregnant.

Timely proning and maintaining good ventilation can save a life!

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